Corvette Club

Meets Monthly: Second Monday of the Month at 6 p.m. (Meetings are generally 45 minutes or less.)
Contact: Officers listed below.
Divan Rep:  Mike Gardner

The Corvette Club is one of the newest additions to the Tangier Shrine's list of clubs and units.
The club started in 2004 and continues to grow in membership.

Mission: To foster the spirit of brotherhood.

Our members have a few things in common:
1. We all like to have fun (see our pictures).
2. We all like our toys and we like to show them off.
3. We all support Tangier Shrine and the kids.

President:  Mark Huss - 402-677-4737
Vice-President:  John Shanks - 402-689-7375
Secretary:  Tom Higgins - 402-990-3755
Treasurer: Hank Schwarz - 402-630-0836

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