Circus Produced by
Family Entertainment Inc., LLC (F.E.I.)
Fletcher Runyan, CEO

2022 Circus Lineup*
(as of 2/17/2022)


Shrine Color Guard
Introduction of Shrine Nobles
National Anthem

Ringmaster Introduction
The most acclaimed, energetic and well qualified Ringmaster,
A Ringling Brothers favorite, the legendary Andre McClain

Opening Light Show

Aerial Walk of Illusion
Hold your breath!
Presenting a unique and breathtaking feat
High above the arena floor
Welcome a Ringling Brothers legend, the Amazing Alex Petrov

Klose’s K-9 and Swine Revue
Hot diggity dog! Get ready, animal lovers
Circus United is proud to present a beautiful array of performing canines
and America’s only performing pigs,
trained by another Ringling Brothers superstar, the one and only Hans Reno

Matti the Clown – “Best Clown Ever”
Hey boys and girls, you are in for a real treat!
Matti is by far the funniest clown you’ve ever met
Welcome Circus United’s very own funny man, Matti Esqueda

Low Wire
He has traveled the world, entertaining crowds
He was a NBA halftime special guest performer for over five years
Welcome the master of the silver strand, Fletcher Runyan

Petrov’s Pony Drill Extravaganza
Faster than a speeding bullet, the Petrov family is proud to present
Their magnificent display of fast-paced liberty pony super stars

Single Trapeze
High above the arena floor on the single trapeze,
Brace yourselves for this aerial lovely as she performs captivating feats aloft:
The dazzling and beautiful Denisse

The Tangier Shrine Clowns
Boys and girls, the heartbeat of the Shrine, a local favorite
.You may just know one of these funny clowns underneath all of that makeup:
The Tangier Shrine Clowns

Sway Pole
Taking things to an entirely new height,
Witness Fletcher on the high swaying pole
Performing death-defying feats that will leave you on the edge of your seat


Incline Motorcycle
Our second half starts off with the sensational incline motorcycle
Racing towards the heavens
Prepare to be amazed by this father-and-daughter duo on their majestic sky cycle

Princess Colleen’s Camel Kingdom
Get ready for a magical experience as the lovely Colleen Pages and her beautiful camels 
Perform right before your eyes, exposing the wonderful bond between human and animal

Cloud Swing
Aurelia is one of America’s premier aerial lovelies,
Performing daring — yet graceful — feats high above the arena floor

Keystone Kops
The always-entertaining Keystone Kops are celebrating a very special occasion!

Extreme Juggling
Mother-and-son duo, the Petrov Speed Jugglers
Featuring fast-paced, precise, and extremely exciting.
Don’t blink or you’ll miss this action-packed speed juggling routine

Equilibristic Contortion
The talented Denisse Santos is dazzling, flexible and beautiful.
She also has amazing accuracy with a bow and arrow.
Let’s see if she can hit the bulls-eye using her feet to draw back the bow and arrow
While in a handstand

Matti the Clown
He’s back in the second act with more hilarious antics

Motorcycle Mayhem
The moment you’ve all been waiting for — action-packed motorcycle stunts
Performed right before your very own eyes
Watch as Ed Rossi and his team of motocross experts launch themselves into midair
While performing some of the most death-defying stunts known to mankind.

Thank You, And May All Your Days Be Circus Days!

* Program participants and order of performance subject to change.

Circus Proceeds are for the Benefit of Tangier Shrine in Omaha, NE. Payments are not deductible as charitable contributions.

Tangier Shrine • 2823 S. 84 Street • Omaha, NE  68124
402-392-0404 • Fax: 402-392-2208

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